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The validity of posters as a collectible art form was established almost from the outset of the introduction of four color lithography in Europe in the late 19 th century. Since graphic design as we know it was still decades away, posters using beautiful designs by classically trained artists filled the public arena. Quickly a poster-collecting craze caught on in France, which spread across Europe, and thanks to this demand, we have so many vintage posters still available today.

Monthly periodicals dedicated to poster art of the day spread the word of who was doing what and where, giving legitimacy to this new “street art”. Art for the masses, colorful images to attract attention and sell a message... and today, they are as interesting as art as they are a piece of social history and taste.

Linen Backing and Restoration

Linen backing is an archival process used for protecting and restoring a poster. The poster is rinsed in water to wash away accumulated dirt, as well as acidic impurities inherent in the paper. It is then backed on rice paper, which has already been glued to linen/cotton duck cloth using only organic materials such as rice or wheat paste. The process is totally reversible; it brightens the colors, and protects the poster.

Most of our posters are already linen backed, but if you wish a poster to be backed, please contact us. Price depends upon size and the amount of restoration needed, if any. Backing starts at approximately $50 for a standard sized poster.

Grading System and Condition

It is amazing that any posters have survived, considering they were printed on low quality paper and meant to be ephemeral, with a lifespan of a month or two. So to find a poster in mint condition is very rare. Please, we ask that you contact us with any questions about a poster's condition or defects. Our condition grading system is as follows:

(M) Mint: as printed, with bright colors and in pristine condition

(NM) Near Mint: excellent condition with bright colors, any defects being very slight, i.e., slight marginal tears, not affecting the image

(VG) Very Good: there may be tears at folds, creases or folds, or some paper loss that has been restored, some fading, dirt or tears, or slight paper loss but a clean image

(G) Good: below average condition, in need of restoration

LB= linen backed
PB=paper backed
P= paper, not backed


Like most dealers of collectibles, I began collecting about twenty years ago. I have been dealing in posters for over ten years and my enthusiasm in them continues. You need not be a collector to be captured by the varied appeal of posters; they are an art form of historical and social significance. I travel often to find the unusual in posters and graphics, so please be sure to return to our site from time to time, or contact me to see what I have found recently. Thanks for visiting, and enjoy your stay!

Michael Marashian


To purchase, request or inquire about an item, please contact us by telephone or email. We accept payment in US dollars via checks, money orders and wire transfer, only. In addition, pay using your credit card via Paypal. Our international buyers prefer using Paypal, which is a free and secure service for sending money, and eliminates currency exchange. We are flexible in arranging lay-away payment plans. All layaway deposits are non-refundable.


Shipping is generally via UPS insured; however, if you have a preferred shipper we would be happy to accommodate you. All posters are packaged securely and in heavy-duty tubes. Flat items are sent packaged appropriately.When you place your order we will inform you of the shipping rates.


All items are guaranteed originals, as described in this website. We do not sell reproductions. In addition, all products are fully refundable. If you have a problem with a purchase, please contact us within 48 hours of receipt (by email please). The item must be returned within 7 days, and in the same condition as received. Shipping costs are non-refundable.


If you are searching for a particular item not found on this website, please send us a title and/or description. We will immediately contact you regarding its availability.